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For business travelers or tourists visiting Kuala Lumpur who want to get around the city on their own schedule, renting a van with a driver is the best way to go. An English-speaking driver will be at your beck and call during your rental, taking you where you want to go so that you can see all the sights and sounds of Kuala Lumpur on your own time and schedule. Whether you need transport to the office, an out-of-the-way sightseeing spot, or an evening at the theatre, van rental with a driver in Kuala Lumpur has you covered.

When you rent a van with a driver in Kuala Lumpur, you can expect to receive top-notch service. Your driver should be friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable about the city and its attractions. Most importantly, your driver should be reliable and responsible when it comes to driving.

You can expect your driver to be punctual and to provide a safe and comfortable ride. Your driver should also adhere to all traffic laws and regulations while on the road. Additionally, your driver should be familiar with the roads of Kuala Lumpur and be able to offer directions and helpful advice when needed.

When it comes to good customer service, you can count on your driver to be respectful and attentive. They should be willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have during your trip. Your driver should also be able to provide suggestions on activities or sights that you may wish to visit during your stay in Kuala Lumpur. 

Finally, you can expect your driver to take care of any necessary paperwork associated with the rental process. This includes ensuring that the van is in good condition, that all documents are complete and accurate, and that you have a receipt for your rental. 

With a reliable driver behind the wheel, renting a van with a driver in Kuala Lumpur is the best way to get around the city and explore its many wonders. You can trust that your driver will provide you with a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable ride.

Small Van Rental

A modern van is a kind of vehicle used for transporting goods or people (more than 10 passengers). The van body is taller than the cab and the suspension is also higher because of the design weight capacity for 15 passengers of between 68 kg to 91 kg. This is the reason why using van is more suitable to carry many people at the same time.

The 14 Seater Van offers the supreme combination of eye-catching styling and unmistakable presence. A 16-seater Van configuration that leaves all the remaining space for cargo. Extends over the step hollows allowing a larger cargo area and greater carrying capacity. Sliding doors open wider for easy loading and unloading. The 14 Seater Van is made to fit perfectly into any transport situation your business demands.

Medium Bus Rental

The size of mini bus is suitable for traveling with 25 people. Our drivers and vehicles are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round.Contact our 24hr customer service with inquiries or make an easy online booking for immediate reservation.

Our Company is Malaysia’s top company for car rental, van rental and bus rental. Our services is known within Malaysia and overseas. Contact us now for more information about our car rental services, fleet guide and chauffeur rate. We offer 25 Seater Mini Bus for rental now!

Big Bus Rental

    44 Seater Coach is suitable for long distance travel and can fit as 44 people for group travel. It is very important to have a safe journey in a comfortable transportation with a very professional coach driver.

Our Company is Malaysia’s top company for car rental, van rental and bus rental. Our services is known within Malaysia and overseas. Contact us now for more information about our car rental services, fleet guide and chauffeur rate. We offer 44 Seater Coach bus rental now, so book online!

Passanger Van And Bus Rental

Renting a van with a driver in Kuala Lumpur is the ideal way to get around when visiting the bustling Malaysian capital. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a van rental with a driver in Kuala Lumpur will make your trip more comfortable and convenient.

Having a van rental with a driver in Kuala Lumpur can save you time, energy and money. The driver will be able to take you to your destination quickly and safely, while also providing insights into the local culture and attractions that are otherwise hard to find. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the city without having to worry about the hassles of driving in the city center.

Additionally, a van rental with a driver in Kuala Lumpur is great for larger groups of travelers. Whether you’re heading out on a family vacation or an outing with friends, a van rental will ensure that everyone stays together and enjoys their experience. Plus, if you’re planning on visiting other cities like Penang, Johor Bahru or Singapore, you’ll be able to travel comfortably with all your luggage.

So if you’re planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur, consider renting a van with a driver for the most convenient and enjoyable way to explore the city. You’ll be able to relax knowing that your driver will take care of the navigation and traffic, giving you more time to soak up the sights of the Malaysian capital.

Hatyai Krabi Transfer by Van

This package tour starts with a VIP van picking you up at the border and transporting you to your hotel in Hatyai.


We offer a VIP van rental service from the border to Hatyai and back. Our van can accommodate up to 8 passengers, and comes with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable journey. Our drivers are experienced professionals, who can ensure that you reach your destination safely and on time. We provide daily trips from the border to Hatyai, so you can rest assured that we will get you there when needed. If you have any special requests or needs for your trip, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help make sure your trip is perfect. bars, clubs, and karaoke venues.

Car Seat & Stroller Rental Kuala Lumpur

It was frustrating and overwhelming to find that an expensive and brand new equipments that we bought are left unused and kept in storage because our babies not enjoying it!


And most of the baby equipments are usually used for a short period of time since babies outgrow themselves so fast or going for a vacation with baby or toddler could be challenging and stressful especially if you need to use and transport all of those baby equipments. Hence to skirt around these common problems, KL Baby Gear Rental offers you the opportunity to rent all of those baby equipments either before you are making worthwhile decision on buying equipment that your baby do really enjoys or you only want to use it for a short period of time.




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